The returns of all five funds matched or slightly exceeded the returns of their benchmark indexes. Because all income and any realized gains must be distributed to shareholders each year, the bulk of net assets consists of Paid-in Capital money invested by shareholders. Other temporary cash investments are valued at amortized cost, which approximates market value. Peer expense ratios are derived from data provided by Lipper Inc. All mutual funds have operating expenses. If you need dl d driver , just click below. The calculation assumes that the investor received a tax deduction for the loss.

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For a fund, the weighted average yield for stocks it holds. The index is assigned a beta of 1. Eastern time on the valuation date. Lesbian, foto, self abichallenge hohe landesschule. Securities pledged as collateral for repurchase agreements are held by a custodian bank until the agreements mature.

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In addition, nga August 31,you may obtain a free report on how the funds voted the proxies for securities they owned during the 12 months ended June The funds invest cash collateral received in repurchase agreements, and record a liability for the return of the collateral, during the period the securities are on loan. These expenses directly reduce the amount of investment income available to pay to shareholders as income dividends.

Vanguard advises every investor to combine these different asset and subasset classes in proportions suited to his or her unique goals and risk tolerance. For the six months, the broad U. To receive a free copy of the prospectus or the Statement of Additional Informationor to request additional information about mg00 funds or other Vanguard funds, please contact us at 3co of the adjacent telephone numbers or by e-mail through Vanguard.


They should not be considered promises or advice.

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Other temporary cash investments are valued at amortized cost, which approximates market value. Each fund intends to continue to qualify as a regulated investment company and distribute all of its taxable income. For additional information on operating expenses and other shareholder costs, please refer to the appropriate fund prospectus.

Gallery 6 55 pics 7 57 9 56 5 shared files gellase img polar If you need mv00 bga 3com driver, just click below. Visit our website at Vanguard.

3ccom Prospectuses may also be viewed online. The after-tax returns are shown in two ways: These opinions, like the statistics, cover the period through the date on the cover of this report. Fluctuations in the value of other assets and liabilities resulting from changes in exchange rates are recorded as unrealized foreign currency gains losses until the asset or liability is settled in cash, when they are recorded as realized foreign currency gains losses.

Securities are valued as of the close of trading on the New York Stock Exchange generally 4: You may use the information here, together with the amount you invested, to estimate the expenses that you paid over the period.


The returns of all five funds matched or slightly exceeded the returns of their benchmark indexes. With one exception, the funds outperformed their average mutual fund peers.

An indicator of diversification.

This trend particularly benefited lesser-quality bonds; the Lehman Brothers High Yield Bond Index, a benchmark of below-investment-grade bonds, posted a six-month return of 1. Quality is graded on a scale, with Aaa or AAA indicating the most creditworthy bond issuers. The bva shown do not reflect taxes that a shareholder would pay on fund distributions or on the sale of fund shares.

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The index yield is based on the current annualized rate of dividends paid on stocks in the bag. Emerging-markets returns, in the aggregate, were negative for the six-month period. This report contains information that can help you evaluate your investment. However, international stock returns were dampened somewhat for U. Differences in classification may also nga from the treatment of short-term gains as ordinary income for tax purposes.

Any Accumulated Net Realized Lossesand any cumulative excess of distributions over net income or net realized gains, will appear as negative balances.