All signal levels are nominally 3. We hope this answers your questions. In the development of the Aardvark adapter, many optimizations have been employed to decrease this setup time. The following steps describe the feedback the user should receive from Windows after an Aardvark adapter is plugged into a system for the first time:. Only the error codes that are specific to each API function are described below.

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A combined status code from the write and the read operations is provided as the return value of the function. The best throughput can be achieved for single transactions that transfer a large number of bytes at a time. This is caused by the inherent design of the USB architecture. This length denotes the number of bytes that the slave has available for reading not including the length byte itself.

If the Aardvark adapter is directly plugged into a USB host controller, it can theoretically draw up to mA total, leaving approximately mA for any downstream target. It is never possible to restrict a transmit or receive to 0 bytes.

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Opening your Aardvark unit will void any hardware warranty. Read the bytes from an I 2 C slave reception with extended status information.

Information in this document is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as 12cspi commitment by Total Phase.

1 General Overview

This behavior is in accordance with the I 2 C protocol. Ordinarily the number of bytes read, if not 0will equal the requested number of bytes. I have a project that needs a host adapter to simultaneously communicate with an I2C device and an SPI device. I plan to use Python and the Rosetta language bindings.


Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter: Read and Write to I2C and SPI devices | Total Phase Blog

If configurations are switched, the subsystem specific parameters will be preserved. If a line’s bit is 0the line is configured as an input. However, due aardvafk the nature of the I 2 C protocol, it is not possible to address the slave and not request at least one byte.

This can occur in situations where the incoming data stream has been saturated by asynchronously received messages an outgoing message is sent to the Aardvark adapter, but the incoming acknowledgment is dropped by the operating system as a result of the incoming USB receive buffer being full.

This file is totalphase. This function returns the total number of bytes read from the slave which normally will be the same as the number of bytes 12c/spo to the slave. Normally the I 2 C master will write to the slave until the slave issues a NACK or the requested number of bytes have been written.

Call the appropriate service function once for each type of data that is available. I 2 C is a low-bandwidth, short distance protocol for on board 12c/sppi. Stronger pull-up resistors and larger sink currents may be required for fast bitrates, especially if there is a large amount of capacitance on the bus. The AardvarkExt structure is described below: Bus arbitration was lost during master transaction; another master on the bus has successfully addressed this Aardvark adapters slave address.


One can employ the following technique to guarantee that all pending asynchronous data have been captured during each service cycle: Master Out Slave In — this aardvaark line supplies output data from the master which is shifted into the slave.

If a slave device pulls SCL low during a transaction, the adapter will wait until SCL has been released before continuing with the transaction. It is imperative that the Aardvark adapter be on a common ground with the target system.

This function only affects the SPI master functions on the Aardvark adapter. The Aardvark adapter will then assemble the address into the proper format as described in the Philips specification. The DLL is not of a sufficient version for interoperability with the firmware version or vice versa.

If the topmost bit of addr is set, the slave will respond to a general call transmission by an I 2 C master. There was an error reading from the Aardvark adapter.

It is a zero-based number.