If, once booted to Linux you won’t have any internet access then you’ll need to download the source code for the driver we are going to build ahead of time using whatever facility you’re using to view this document. If your card was identified as a c: If your wireless router or access point is 22Mbps or more capable, then once things are working, you can go back and set the rate higher, or you can just let auto-rate do it for you. If you don’t know how to provide the info below, then let me know that, and I’ll explain how to do it. Although I’ve tried to remain distribution-neutral and have tested the above method of “final configuration” on more than one version of: Before unpacking it, change it’s owner to your normal username, type: USB device owners, for now, you’ll just have to trust your model number, since at this time there is only one USB device available that uses the acx chipset that I’m aware of:

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If you still have no association with your access point all zero’s it’s time to take a look at the logs. So, I’d substitute A very simplified description of the sequence listed above would be:. windkws

I currently have Slackware 9. Besides being a waste of time, that “solution” has it’s own set windoas pitfalls and you were really winddows trying to get your wireless card working, right?. If you get errors with the word “bailing” in them then see the troubleshooting section for this. Axx100 you’re having trouble mounting the media or copying the source tarball file to your home directory then see the troubleshooting section for this.


So before you go running off to begin the process of acx10 iwconfig or gcc from source, I suggest you take another look at the menus, any online help and perhaps some Linux forums as well.

At this point there should be a file named acx When the time comes to configure your card for your particular distribution, we’ll be forking due to the differences in the way various distributions handle network and wireless configuration. Also note that removing the usb cable from your machine without first running: I have run into the same problem as the OP. The easiest way to do this is by downloading this file: Now you’ll want to briefly switch users back to your normal username, so type: Otherwise your device will have a hard time telling them apart.

There are some notable exceptions to this, but typically, even those distros that don’t modify the kernel source still provide a kernel-source package, so use your distro’s kernel-source package only. First and foremost, and by far the most common, is that your card failed to associate with acz100 access point. To discover what IP address is assigned to the interface wlan0, type: So, your interface is working!

Substitute your access point’s ssid name for the “name” part of that command, and be aware that it’s case-sensitiveso “Default” is not the same as “default”. These are separate small files found on the Windows’ driver CD or in a downloaded Windows’ driver archive. I’m still working on a new page that will apply to this new driver.

For the acx010 they are named gplus. If you’re using the email address at the top of the page to let me know that the compile failed, then please include the entire output of the failed compile by cutting and pasting it from the console to your email client or add it as an attachment.


The most common cause is incorrect or missing firmware, please revisit the section in the acx team’s readme acx This is my updated guide for new Linux users who have Texas Instruments’ acx or acx based devices and would like them to become functional.

If not, please post: Unsuccessful output will look similar to this:. It’s virtually impossible these days to find that the tar program has not been installed, you would have had to dig deep to eliminate it at install time, and you would most likely have been warned not to do that.

Toward that end, the first thing is to determine if your device qcx100 “see” any access points, so type: If you get this error and are using a recent distribution along with the default or “stock” kernel, then try issuing this command to add the missing line to your.

acx – Wireless chipset Linux driver Free Download

Let’s take Network Manager out of the mix. First, let’s see if a driver is already installed, so type: Once you have your wireless and networking settings recorded and the source code and firmware tarballs in hand, if you are not already booted to Linux, go ahead and do so.

On most distributions you can examine the log by typing: