After hearing about a fix involving running Pinnacle Studio, I decided to test out a temporary fix that I’ve been using to see if the suggested Pinnacle software could make the fix a little more permanent and less of a pain to setup. That makes things a lot easier! It worked fine the first few days I had it and it suddenly stopped. Search only posts by: This site in other languages x.

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I can also only select one format for it, weird. I’m glad someone picked up on my fix because it’s the easiest one I’ve seen around. Also, this fix does not work with XSplit in my experience. Not quite sure about this, but I daazzle this is how it should be.

Regardless of what the underlying problem is, you’ll have to delete the driver manually from the Device Manager to confirm. This Vista 64bit driver was not tested with Studio 11 and previous.

Dazzle DVC100 audio not working

This is the one problem that has stumped a lot of us for a while. If it does not, plug it into a different USB hub. What other methods shall I attempt?

Also, any other solutions to get around the audio issues will be added as others detail the steps since I don’t have to use them, I haven’t explored them fully. Just load it up, set it up for the Dazzle, then leave it running in the background just don’t start any captures with it.



When those don’t work, hardware workarounds have been used. It keeps saying check to see if its disconnected etc. Okay, I downloaded windows The Device Manager certainly knows it’s there, but I’m not seeing it recognized anywhere else.

Click on the selected driver, according to your hardware and operating system and download it to your hard disk.

Dazzle DVC audio not working – Microsoft Community

Some dazzzle, like AmarecTv and Virtual Dv1c00 Cable, have shown promise in getting the audio natively from the device. En plus de ces pilotesvous devez aussi avoir une version Studio compatible. The files contained in this package are hardware drivers only. The only thing you can do is uninstall the software, go into device manager and uninstall the device make sure to check ‘delete the driver’and try again in a completely different port.

If it shows up in the Device Manager properly, then the problem was simply software. Tweeking with its settings a bit you can get PAL60 to work in full colour! It’s possible that any piece of Pinnacle software could unlock the audio.

Dazzle DVC Audio Device – Software Patch

Click on troubleshooting and click devife the view all option on the left panel 4. Try updating the Audio drivers from the manufacturer’s website and check if the issue persists. It says my other audio device is “line in- not working”. If I try it says, “Sorry, Movie maker cannot record from the selected device.


I would suggest you to run this troubleshooter to check if the issue is with your Audio.

This is as it should be. Btw, did you get to try the original method? In reply to Audoi Dhondiyal’s post on January 16, Also, the TV blacks out while the software shows the TV.

There seems to be a huge abundance of people making threads to solve the same issue over and over again, so hopefully this can be a one stop for the most common fixes.

Expand the Sound, Video daxzle game controllers. Click on troubleshooting and click on the view all option on the left panel. De bestanden van deze download bevatten uitsluitend hardwaredrivers.