Says that he has used it probably times or so over the years, as he didn’t really get the urge to play regularly again; it has sometimes gone unused for three months at a time, but has always been set up in his home. Any specific questions to ask, do you think? Electro, If there were any triggering issues in any of the pad zones, at what point would the kit stop being viable, in your opinion? When he retired, his wife and son bought it for him. The fact that it mounts on a proper hi-hat stand should be a real boon, but it just comes across a bit clunky.

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This item is in good condition. So massive is the kit’s user manual that it almost acts as a deterrent to actually getting stuck in and learning the ins and outs of the module. Different style Yamaha and Roland T-Joints may also be substituted if you choose. Have spoken to the seller – he says yes, I know it’s ten years old, in perfect working order with very little wear and tear; never been gigged. On top of the basic sonic capabilities, the device also acts as a sampler with 8Mb of memory on-board and a two-track sequencer.

DTXtreme iis module, rack, hi hat on stand, snare on stand, 2 x crash, 1 x ride, kick. Originally posted by Peter Warren View Post.

I should be speaking to the seller at lunchtime today.


So we’ll say that the majority of acoustic kits are pretty decent, with a tendency to sound quite produced in as much as they give the impression of a sheen of studio compression and EQand that we really liked some of the ethnic stuff.

Great – thanks very much; you’ve been very helpful. There is no denying the profile of the DTX brand and, as the flagship model, the Xtreme IIS has the job of, well, flying the flag for the whole range.

Skip dtxxtreme main content. Originally posted by MS View Post. The DTX range has won lots of fans for Yamaha over the years and with good reason – the kits are well priced dtxtremd offer real functionality. I got the kit for Christmas last year and it has barely been put to use. Also shop in Also shop in. I am trying to get a handle on how to maximise my budget and it is coming down to two options: And, of course, Yamaha cater to the needs of electro lovers with beat-box derived kicks, snares and cymbal sounds.

Purchased when new, never gigged with, lightly used for solo practice, and packed away The large striking surface “gives” like an acoustic bass drum head and the KP65 will accommodate a double pedal. It’s not that old and it is barely used.

Although it might not excite much in terms of sounds, and the disappointing hi-hat response lets it down, the ius DTX already has a legion of fans for whom it meets demands perfectly.

Last edited by electrodrummer ; The DTXtreme IIS sticks to the theme in terms of its capabilities and relative affordability; its physical attributes are appealing and it feels better to play than kits with smaller playing surfaces. Pros Relatively affordable for size and physical quality of set-up.


I hope it lives up to the description. Login or Sign Up.


There is, however, a lack of dynamic three-dimensional character to much of what’s on offer, and as such the out-of-the-box sound of the Xtreme isn’t as engaging as that of some admittedly more expensive electronic kits we have come across. If you have any other issues, or cannot sign in, please visit our Forum Talk Section for common remedies.

No snare stand, bass drum pedal, speaker, or can of mountain dew is included with sale.

DO NOT use a symbol of any kind in your username. Here is what you get And the kit proves to be just that.

Yamaha Dtxtreme: Drums | eBay

What is immediately clear when you come up against the Xtreme IIS for the first time is that it is an arresting-looking beast. Although the complete DTXtreme package is extensive once you’ve factored dttxreme the rack, seven cymbal and tom mounts, the pads and the brain itself, assembly is relatively pain-free. Feel free to send me his details Highly recommended for the right price.