The controller definitely broadcasts tilt data. It probably requires some reverse engineering in order to modify the sixaxis plugin for bluez. PS R Gamepad usb 4 – 2: This may also help: Fresh install Retropi 3.

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Reply Quote 0 1 Reply Last reply. With my keyboard I cancelled out of everything back to EmulationStation selected the main menu and selected Configure input. Hi Thiago, thank you for your elaborate answer. At step 5, I downloaded and extracted QtSixA but: But, I totally forgot about the little Reset button on the back.

It probably requires some reverse engineering in order to modify the sixaxis plugin for bluez. It describes how to pair a PS3 shanwan clone using bluez. From the blues folder i write make -j3 but the answer is makefile not found…. Looking at your picture, I’m going to guess it’s a shanwan Loading More Posts 13 Posts.

Gasia controller support – RetroPie Forum

Thanks again for your knowledge and expertise! You are simply missing some header files dependencies for compilation of the gaeia. In case that it shows version 5. Maybe faulty controller is my only conclusion. Joystkck removed all the controller configurations between each attempt – not sure whether that is necessary, but it worked for me, so I only tried one at a time.


Sixpair works fine and correctly shows the device: I know the rest just need it to connect. It says conceded yes.

I did get it to Bluetooth pair a few times with scl on pc but it will rumble forever with light 1 gasua. They are both at 0. I did trust on Gasia Ps gamepad that says Playstation R 3 controller. I went through the process of setting it up and chose the Gasia clone support instead of Gasia only.

Since I wanted to use my PS3 controller at the same time as my BT gasiia and mouse, I started to work on the patched bluez version. Home Welcome May 17, A picture for reference.

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Unfortunately it does not depend on the directory. You can unplug the controller for now, which is probably vibrating non-stop. Well I got my controller a few days ago and didn’t have any problems setting it up! See the Hosting Information page for more information. Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript.


The interesting thing is when I shutdown the system and plugged it back in the controller was still recognized. PS R Joystico usb 4 – 2: I’m running Retropie 3. Please make sure to have build-essentials and header files installed. Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. I don’t have a BT dongle for my Pi2 and was using a wired controller so no Bluetooth options were ever set up previously.