Use only a properly grounded plug and receptacle. Never insert anything metallic into the monitor openings. Instal l drivers Instal l programs. Please, do not make a copy of the downloaded manual and do not offer to sell it, just use personally to repair defective appliance! TermsDot PitchThe image on a monitor is composed of red, green and blue dots.

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Thefrequency of this repetition is called Vertical Frequency or RefreshRate.

If the monitor must be used without the supplied stand, take steps toinsure proper syncmasted. Do not exceed 85 Hz when using the maximum resolution. InstallationBe sure to contact syncmastrr authorized Service Center when installing your set in alocation with heavy dust, high or low temperatures, high humidity, and chemicalsubstances, or where it will be operated for 24 hours continuously such as anairport, train station or etc.

Power portConnect the power cord for your monitor to the power port onthe back of the monitor.

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Remove the twist-tie before attaching the base to the monitor. The screen image can also appear to shake or vibrate if there is aproblem with the video card or the computer’s main board. Page 9 Do not place children’s favorite objects or anything else that may betempting on the product.


Syncmastrr off your monitor and reconnect the video cable; then turn on both your computer syncmadter themonitor. If a monitor, printer and scanner are all calibrated tothe sRGB color characteristics, then you can find colormatching from each peripheral. Page 30 MenuDescriptionYou can use the on-screen menus to change the brightnessaccording to personal preference.

Samsung SyncMaster 794V,794S Free Driver Download

This monitor driver is under certified MS logo and this installation doesn’tdamage your system. Page 10 Please make sure the following items are included with your monitor. Keep the product away from places exposed to oil, smoke or moisture;do not install inside a vehicle. The monitor could be damaged or broken. If the monitor is dropped or the casing is damaged, syncmzster the monitor offand unplug the power cord.

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If your monitor screen remains blank after using 7794v previous procedure, check your videocontroller and computer system; your monitor is functioning properly. Do not use a damaged or loose plug. You can write in English language into the forum not only in Hungarian! Click the “Browse” button then choose A: Click the “Close” button, then click “OK” button continually.

Choose your monitor model in the model list, then click the “OK” button.

A ayncmaster connection may cause fire. Power indicatorThis light glows green during normal operation, and blinks greenonce as the monitor saves your adjustments. Please make sure the following items are included with your monitor. Especially avoid operating the monitor near water or outdoors where themonitor could be exposed to snow or rain.


Connecting to a computerConnect the signal cable to the pin, D-Sub connector on the back of your computer.

Have the screen colorsbecome strange afterrunning a program or due toa crash betweenapplications?

Samsung SyncMaster V – CRT monitor – 17″ Overview – CNET

Also use to exit the OSD menu or return to the previousmenu. Place the monitor upside-down on a flat work surface. Follow these instructions to change the vertical size of themonitor’s entire display.

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Rear The configuration at the back of the monitor may vary from product to product. Connect the power cord for your monitor to the power port on the back of the monitor. Plug the power cord for the monitor into a suncmaster outlet. If you can see following message window, then click the “Continue Anyway” button.

Check the signal cable connection.