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Already a great device simply for the convenience that its compact size offers, it also boasts an abundance of valuable features. Learn more – opens in new window or tab. In webcam mode, the microphone doesn’t work, and the best frame rate the thing can manage in by mode is an unexciting nine frames per second. But it worked OK for me. That’s not as hard as you might think, though, since the DualPix has lots of storage. These let you store titchy VGA-resolution images as kilobyte files, which look no better than a 50k or smaller JPG.

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The VR2’s simple viewfinder is only about as far above the lens as the shutter button is below it, which ought to help reduce parallax error when you’re taking close-up shots. The VR 2’s stand also comes in handy if you use the PenCam’s 10 second self-timer mode to get yourself into the ;encam.

Here’s the PenCam Ultra’s view of the indoor low light test scene.

Aiptek Pencam 5-in-1 Camera With Voice Recorder | eBay

And baby-cams are cheap. More in a moment.

The PenCam VGA 2’s compact size and durable design make it a great tool for a variety of applications. It’s not one of those awful Happy Momma Bear’s Snapshot Bakery sorts of programs “Would you like to make a greeting card? So you can just squirt them across to your PC and then e-mail them straight off to someone; anybody with a computer that can play Indeo-compressed AVIs can view them. I didn’t try hooking a set of circlip pliers in ’em and really hauling away, because ripping little CMOS camera modules off circuit boards is not my hobby this week.


And digitap, some outdoor photography. Fortunately, it ppencam worked pretty well. You can easily do something about that, though.

This PenCam’s shutter button is located just below its lens, which isn’t the greatest possible place for it to be. But it worked OK for me. I shot the same scene in both modes, and then compared it with the VGA version which had just been scaled up by a factor of 1. Refer to eBay Return policy for more details. Now, a few general PenCam caveats. Every now and then you’ll make art by accident.

Aiptek PenCam Trio HD

If you want to get a sharply focussed close-up picture and you don’t have the DualPix tethered to a computer whose monitor you can see, you have to take several shots, tweaking the focus and framing digitsl between. PenCam Manager shares one highly irritating feature with the software for a variety of other tiny-cams.

Super-cheapies give you, basically, a aptek with batteries and a bit of storage. Again, though, the DualPix beats them both. No additional import charges at delivery! The VR 2’s interface is unusually flexible, too – it has separate delete-last-audio-clip and delete-last-picture functions, and you can mix audio with images taking pictures, naturally, reduces the memory available for audio.

The PenCam Ultra overexposed the background as well, but not as badly, and it did a better job on the rest of the scene as well. Take up to 26 snapshots at high resolution and up to snapshots at low resolution. More on that in a moment. The Pen Cam Ultra redeems Aiptek’s honour. The stand has a neat little slot to allow the neck-strap cord to exit. The other side camefa the Ultra’s circuit board, with the battery dangling. When you use XGA mode, the camera scales the image before it compresses it, and it also uses a noticeably lower level of compression – the by image has 2.


PenCams don’t have much processing power, and they save images practically instantaneously, so there’s not a lot of number-crunching going on there.

Outdoors during the day you’re pretty much OK; at other times, you’ll find yourself leaning and twisting and fiddling to try to get enough pale-coloured stuff in the image for the camera to take a shot. Subject to credit approval.

Driver Aiptek PenCam VR N/A

Minimum monthly payments are required. So if you want your photos in a reasonable format, you’ve got to recompress them yourself. Put the switch in the off position and it’s like removing the AAA cells from one of the other PenCams – you lose the memory contents, but the battery charge is maintained.