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I get about the same performance and frame rates as your InstallShield Wizard Complete The system has not been modified. It’s the first time that this is happening: Many find my drivers to be smoother in gameplay compared to the default drivers found here as well as good performance. Posted October 18,

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The driver orginally packaged with physX exe PhysX setup files To reduce file size saves time on downloads I deleted physX. I recommend you read the first post in particular this bit: If people would tell me more rather than complain about things it would be alot easier: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Click Finish to exit the wizard.

GeForce Release 178

It’s the first time that this is happening: No amount of fiddling with the nvidia control panel will get AA to turn on in games. I have to turn off physx to have it working: Posted October 17, I didnt want to believe me but in beta testing aero forcewzre lag and be unuseable – I had no other choice.


Vista Only Further optimisations to driver: Edited October 18, by Wesleyrpg. Posted October 17, edited.

NVIDIA ForceWare 178.24 WHQL for XP and Vista

Well i just redownloaded the file Temp isn’t killing me Heres the exact error! This topic is now closed to further replies.

Dox do you mind if I post all my benchmark scores of your drivers in my benchmarking thread? With this drive and physx, i play witcher enchanced with frequent crash with the error of “nvlddmkm stopped responding”.

NVIDIA Forceware WHQL XP 64 download for Windows –

Any way to solve this? Edited October 18, by alexdino. Based on official Forceware If they simply say they wanted xxx resolutions included if only they say what OS or card they are using: What OS are you using, unfortunately I dont do low level driver tweaks and if thats an issue that exists with the official nvidia drivers then theres not much I can do. Like i say I had to force GPU at full speed as some poeple lower end gpus reported laggy aero performance otherwise.


NVIDIA ForceWare WHQL for XP and Vista | Geeks3D

I’m using a CRT monitor as the default one instead of the Laptop’s. Drivers are the newest out from nvidia newer than It will be faster than the I only include the most commonly used resolutions in my drivers. Posted October 18, I recommend you install the driver again but with the included touble shoot inf file, its in the “Alt inf” folder. To get them to install, i had to drag the inf file from the Alt Inf folder, but with that inf the GPU is stuck on full speed!

Removed help files Removed nvcolor. InstallShield Wizard Complete The system has not been modified. As was said though, my games seem to play smoother. To install this program at a later time, run the installation again.