I thought it would never happen. The manufacturer sells a detachable keypad, which I’ve always wanted to pick up, but strangely I haven’t found the need for the number pad even though I’m a programmer. Bob at September 4, Feel free to mail me even if years have passed since this post. At least it doesn’t have a number pad! Don’t forget about the original Spacesaver Model M: My sister pointed this out because she used emacs a lot in college and she was stretching her pinky finger too much on her left hand.

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I wonder if manufacturers ever ask programmers how their keyboards should be. I am indebted to you Sir. David, thanks for providing the opportunity to chat about keyboards. I spent 30 years typing on a manual typewriter, and I will never, never ever accustom myself to the sensitive keyboard of the modern computer.

I love the split keyboard design too, so if someone could marry this keyboard http: Life iii not always so good before my SpaceSaver II keyboard. Lee Pefley at January 27, The only thing missing it is that it is not wireless, though it does have a nice long and straight cord.


You might be interested in this It had several sticky keys and other keys simply would not register a key press. Rick at December 27, Not horrible, I am definately getting used to it Dave, can you adjust the sensitivity on the SpaceSaver II? Olligarski at May 11, I have one of these keyboards on my kids’ computer because it is good for their small fingers and it does not take up their whole desk.

I looked for something like this about 4 years ago when I was getting irritated spafesaver a standard keyboard where the mouse was moving further to the right and I continually had to readjust the mouse and keyboard.

I’m wondering if there is a keyboard out there that meets these criteria: The design as a whole is certainly better than any other keyboard I have seen.

IBM SpaceSaver II 37L0888 Wired Keyboard

Janet at January 26, I use this in my recording studio and I bought it specifically for its compact size. I’m a developer too, and I’ve been wanting a keyboard keyboardd a number pad literally for years. Actually, there is a very nice keyboard out that Microsoft produces now for gaming that works very well for programming and such.

This is pretty neat feature, because it means that you can actually use this keyboard in your jbm.

IBM SpaceSaver II 37L Wired Keyboard | eBay

Or maybe I missed something??? Feel free to mail me even if years have passed since this post. David at June 13, We specialize in producing all kinds of electronical products such as Keyboards, Mouse, Mini-coolers and electronical dictionaries etc.


Attach mouse spacfsaver to where the numeric keypad used to be.

I was thinking maybe with the a key remapper and keyboard sticker http: I did lots of spreadsheets for work for my first few jobs out of college, and never really learned to type the number row of a regular keyboard. Show More Show Less.

If it feels anything close to that I’ll get one. You may not recognize the name, but if you know IBM or Lexmark, you already know a lot about us. Even the space bar will get stuck. I think this is a common problem. I’ve got about 6 keyboards lying around, the byproduct of the endless search for one that has keys that don’t stick, especially the shift and enter.