Expert Support Upgrade for premium services Professional Services Development, consulting and training Compare Support Services Digi base, expert or professional services Support Tools Drivers, documentation and firmware. Bosna i Hercegovina – Hrvatski. The function code used is based on the variable type that a particular ION meter supports, and whether the ION meter is acting as a master or a slave. For serial Modbus Master configure the Serial Connection values to match the communications port e. Limitation of Liability For further assistance please contact us at: You can enter up to ten unique IP addresses that belong to Modbus devices you want to master, assigned to virtual port , in the Modbus Master ION meter. Contact a Digi expert and get started today!

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A Modbus Master Device module uses settings from a Modbus Master Map module setup register to specify the Modbus format, scaling, and base address settings.

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Open the Setup Assistant and navigate to the 3rd Party Protocols screen in the Communications folder. It does not apply to meters; for specific information. For more information on the Modbus fixed map, see your meter s User Guide. The fixed map is useful for configuring parameters on the ION meter slave or allowing third party software to access other ION modules. This data can then be used by other ION modules. The Port Setup Window.


Link the output registers to desired modules such as Data Recorders. User s Manual Revision: In the list of devices, locate the multi-port serial seriap that you want to uninstall, and then click Next. For example, This register value must iob the corresponding Device Type register in the Modbus Master Device module, for the map to be available to the module. Most Modbus Master-enabled meters support only one serial bus of Modbus Slave devices.

If so, enter the connection information into the appropriate registers in the Modbus Import or Modbus Export modules.

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For example, Coil registers have an address range from to and the data that makes up the multiiport can be read or written to Function 1, 5 and EdgePort is available in two, four and eight port configurations. Re link a new or existing Modbus Slave module to any parameters.

Specifications of this document may be changed without prior notice for improvement. Modbus Slave modules have the following setup registers: No responsibility is assumed by Schneider Electric for any consequences arising out of the use of this material Schneider Electric. You must disable Standard security to write data to a slave module. However, each module can only communicate to a single Modbus slave device on a single communication connection Schneider Electric.


Variable types group data into address ranges that perform certain functions using function codes. Part Number Revision A, January If these pre configured modules do not suit your needs, you can drag out new Modbus Slave modules or change the configuration of the existing ones.

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Afterwards, re-install the 4. User Manual Revision English Document code: This is the device type of the slave device. I have the 4. When a Modbus master requests to read a register, the corresponding ION register data is returned. A blank workspace displays where you can keep your master configuration. Additional Setup Instructions for Modbus: The modules relevant to Modbus Master are: Configure the following setup registers as needed: Most meters that support Modbus Slave modules already have some pre configured modules for common parameters such as power and energy values and power quality information.

Device Map String Setup Enter the mapping information for this device.