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The present disclosure relates to a method for determining at least one combustion property of a two-phase fuel gas. The position of the guide ring which is the closest to the reel and the first in relation to the butt cap is determined according to the following relation: The bamboo telecommunication tower proves to be a greener and sustainable alternative to the conventional telecommunication towers. Whereas the water dispensing unit 52 is equipped with heating modules, each of which has a water heating compartment 22 equipped with a heater 23 and temperature sensors 35 connected to an electronic controller 25 , wherein water heating compartment outlet 22 is connected by a solenoid valve 21 with a water dispenser nozzle The granules are dusted with the amorphous siliceous rock.

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A report is generated for an evaluated property with the scores, comments on merits and weakness of the layout of the property and the ranking of the property against similar evaluated properties. A mechanism is provided in the heel seat portion of the platform. The preparation method according to the present invention has advantages that the production cost can be lowered by using inexpensive starting materials, a high-temperature reaction is not required as ib-21ee whole, inexpensive and non-explosive reagents are used instead of trimethylsilyl diazomethane, and further an intermediate of 4-methoxypyrrole derivatives can be prepared as a whole at a high yield.

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Preferably, the first interface port is pritner to be coupled to an adult patient interface and the second interface port is adapted to be coupled to a pediatric or neonatal patient interface.

A thermophilic enzymatic biosynthesis TEBS device 50 produces outputs of newly synthesized substances, stabilized matter and fully recovered organic material, wherein the preferred device is a dry closet employing multistage treatment of organic solid, liquid and gaseous wastes.

A need reception unit receives, from a need provider who provides need information indicating that it is desired to manufacture a predetermined product, the need information. There is provided a holding arrangementfor holding an acoustic transmitter in place in relation iib-21e a container. When using the preservative solution of the present invention, the bio-cellulose sheet can be stored for a long period of time.


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Compact spectrometer modules include an illumination channel and a detection channel. The present invention relates to a composition for forming an environmentally friendly polyurethane foam, the composition having improved storage stability, air permeability, and anti-oxidation characteristics and to a method for manufacturing a polyurethane foam and, more specifically, to an isocyanate pre-polymer prepared by reaction of a polyisocyanate and a polyol component comprising a bio-polyol, to a composition for forming an environmentally friendly polyurethane foam, the composition having improved storage stability, air permeability, and anti-oxidative characteristics by comprising the pre-polymer as one component, to a method for manufacturing a polyurethane foam using the same, and to an environmentally friendly polyurethane foam manufactured thereby.

There is provided a method performed by a memory allocator, MA, and a MA, for allocating memory to an application on a logical server having a memory block allocated from at least one memory pool. Energy regulators which use a bi-metallic strip to open and close electrical contacts are commonly used in household appliances for temperature regulation.

Connectors for respiratory assistance systems are disclosed. In addition, a method of sorting plies of differing geometry is disclosed.

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Beneficially the temperature sensors 3 ib-21 non-contact infrared sensors. The present application relates to a method for producing D-psicose, the method comprising the steps of: The bars of the bar frame 10 extend from the bottom plate until over the upper plate.

The object of the invention is also a method for obtaining these formulations and the use thereof. Fecha de la solicitud, orden descendente.

A method for transmitting an uplink signal by a terminal in a wireless communication system according to the present invention comprises the steps of: An increase in the accuracy with which the fill time of a container is determined is achieved by installing a fill level sensor at the upper edge of a side wall of the container. The present invention relates to the preparation of nove1 nickel complexes containing iminopyrrolyl-type ligands, having the general molecular structure Iand to their use as active catalysts in the polymerisation reaction of ethylene to hyperbranched polyethylene.

The bracing means in the telecommunication tower comprises of metal clamps and flat metal plates An insect trap comprises: Further, embodiments relating to a host computer and activities therein, is also comprised in the current disclosure.


The utility kkyocera provides for an increase in compactness and portability of the device in the assembled state. Specifically, a method for transmitting or receiving a synchronization signal prniter comprise the steps of: The granules are dusted with the amorphous siliceous rock. According to the shoe midsole mold according to the present invention, concentration of air discharge holes in the big toe parts of the molds can be prevented, thereby improving durability, and the arrangement interval between the molding grooves can be reduced.

The connectors include an inspiratory conduit port, an expiratory conduit port, a first interface port, a second interface port, and a body or body portion formed between the inspiratory conduit port, the expiratory conduit port and the first and second interface ports, the body or body portion defining an interior cavity that fluidly couples, at least in part, the inspiratory conduit port and the expiratory conduit port to the first and second interface ports.

The present disclosure describes methods of differentiating cardiomyocyte progenitor cells and mature cardiomyocyte cells from pluripotent stem cells. The shoe midsole mold is characterized in that molding protrusion portions of the upper mold or molding grooves of the lower mold are formed asymmetrically in one direction, and air discharge holes are formed on big toe parts of the molding protrusion portions 13 and of the molding grooves 23respectively, as widely as the distance between the big toes.

The control signals are generated based on angular rate of subsystem and orientation operating commands provided from an operator. The present invention further proposes a device including such composite structure. This has two main functions: The planar supports are movably arranged relative to each other to receive the plies.