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It is a complete system with wiring, cam, and a small monitor, and manual. The Thermal—Eye B is a vehicle—mounted thermal imaging camera system, developed specifically for use by public safety departments, law enforcement agencies and security professionals. Many of the systems used by car manufacturers see less than feet. Users browsing this forum: Have a non specific issue? Raytheon was the biggest company in Waltham ma, Then they shut down and spead to other cities. Is my idea even possible?

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I received rxytheon from the L3 Field application engineer that my imager has digital and analog NTSC outputs, and he provided me with a 51 pin connector pinout that showed how to wire it to change black hot to white hot, manual gain, and 2x digital zoom.

It’s worth contacting Ratheon and telling them what you’re doing in case they will help, as Dean mentioned Otherwise, you will need nkghtdriver very small industrial-type PC, but they are rather power hungry too, which is your other problem. Works day or night to find hard to see people or animals Detect unauthorized or unwanted intruders Monitor perimeters of restricted facilities, nightdgiver or day Quickly scan between homes, buildings, dark garages, alleys or even under vehicles Identify lost boaters or stray objects on the water Observe prowlers and criminals without their knowledge We have vehicle mounted systems and systems that can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle.

That is not my strong point. From that perspective alone, it might be better moving to a video output module to begin with. I used to drive off road years ago with my night vision googles on. Long Wave IR is what the expensive Thermal Imaging cameras pick up This is what people and motors radiate that would allow you to spot them with no light source, in the dark, and rayhteon great distances.


That said, I will raytheonn still make the cam conversion just for giggles.

Raytheon L3 Flir(?)nightdriver Automotive Infrared Night Vision Camera A11

Originally Posted by protias. You can buy a variety of different IR sensors that may not make a picture, but maybe could detect a temperature difference.

Oh well, I guess we can’t have all of the toys. On an empty unlit road at night, this is a very formidable speed trap. I think that means an analog signal, sent over a radio wave, potentially long range. People, vehicles, boats and other objects easily stand out from their surrounding environment, making nghtdriver easy to spot potential criminal activity in seconds.

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Users browsing this forum: The guy I bought it from said it was on a Caddilac store display, is it the fancy core that I think it is?

Finding a PCI card will be difficult – The software and hardware needed was all in that link I posted.

Raytheon was the biggest company in Waltham ma, Then they shut down and spead to other cities. I have a lot of data from individual pixels, would you like me to move a servo when raythoen see pixel 1 report that he is no longer hot, but his neighbor, pixel 2, says that he is no longer cold, viola, thermal tracking?


Today was an encouraging day. I am still learning about thermal. Well that’s my thought anyway. I am deployed in Afghanistan, it’s at home, and I am trying to figure out all this stuff before I get home.

Raytheon L3 Flir(?)nightdriver Automotive Infrared Night Vision Camera A11 | eBay

With lights off and no radar emissions to detect, an approaching speeder will probably not have any advance warning that he is about to be clocked. He says he pestered Raytheon managers to be the first to buy NightDriver after he saw it demonstrated at the South Bend, Ind.

If it is too big of a bear, I may end up selling it and buying one of those ebay cameras. Glass make a lousy lens for thermal imaging. I, of course want to see bears, moose, and caribou. The expensive thermal cams also do use software enhancement nightddriver achieve the quality that they have. Save, shop, and pounce when you get the opportunity.

Find all posts by 3hummers. The B can also nightdriveer used in a fixed mount configuration to survey a perimeter. Gaughran, sales manager at Hummer Village of Norwood. I am patient though, that I will find a good solution.